This online Symposium focuses the latest research in the field of Children’s Spirituality. It includes a keynote address by Jerome Berryman (Founder of Godly Play), a panel with four respondents, and nine scholarly presentations.

Jerome and Thea Berryman in front of a lake
Jerome Berryman

The Rev. Dr. Jerome Berryman offers the Keynote, Playing in the Flow of God’s Creative Power: A Theology of Childhood.

Lisa Kimball holding a sign with the word
Lisa Kimball

Elisabeth M. Kimball, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Lifelong Learning and the James Maxwell Professor Chair of Lifelong Christian Formation at VTS, serves as host.

Elizabeth DeGaynor
Liz DeGaynor

Elizabeth DeGaynor, Th.D. Assistant Professor of Practical Theology and Christian Formation at VTS, serves as host and panel facilitator.

Luis with a dog
Brother Luis

Br Luis Enrique Hernández Rivas CFC offers opening prayers. Follow his theology in the public square of TikTok @brotherluis.

Ebony Grisom
Ebony Grisom

Rev. Ebony Grisom, a Godly Play Missioner and member of the Godly Play Anti-Racism Task Force, serves as a panelist.

Matthew Kozlowski in front of a gray brick wall
Matthew Kozlowski

The Rev. Matthew Kozlowski, Ph.D., Associate Rector at All Saints Church, Bethesda, MD, serves as a panelist.

Sarah Bentley Allred
Sarah Bentley Allred

Sarah Bentley Allred, M.Div., Editor of Building Faith, serves as a panelist.

Lakisha Lockhart
Lakisha Lockhart

Rev. Lakisha Lockhart, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Christian Education at Union Presbyterian Seminary, serves as a panelist.

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Laura Alary in glasses in front of greenery
Laura Alary

What is This Story Doing to Me? Biblical Storytelling for a Global Generation

Tanya Campen in a black shirt in front of a blue backdrop
Tanya Marie Eustace Campen

Holy Work with Families: Dancing Together

Amy Chapman in a navy top in front of a gray background
Amy Chapman

Nurturing Children’s Innate Spirituality Through K-12 Education

Dave Csinos in a navy shirt in front of a multicolored background
Dave Csinos

All, Some, None: A Multilayered Interpretation of Children’s Theological Meaning-Making

Catherine Maresca in teal shirt in front of off-white wall
Catherine Maresca

Children, Signs, and Spiritual Literacy: An Interfaith Experience

Alfred Kah Meng Pang in a light teal shirt with glasses on
Alfred Kah Meng Pang

Prophetic Wonder with Children in the Call to Teach: A Lasallian Inspiration

Anthony Peterson in a suit jacket and glasses on a gray backdrop
Anthony Peterson

Listening with Children: A Spirituality of Race

Karen-Marie Yust in a chair in front of a bookshelf
Karen-Marie Yust

Let the Little Children Theologize: Moral Development, Critical Thinking, and Preschool Faith

Henry Zonio with glasses in front of greenery
Henry Zonio

Made in His Image: Constructing Gender in Children’s Sunday School